February 19, 2020

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My site is banned

You have no content that adds value or that users would find useful. I don’t understand why you would think Google would want to index

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Question about blogroll

What you are talking about is a sitewide link. Yes, technically it creates a new link for each and every new page of content that

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Backlinks Explained?

I find your assertion only partially valid and in the interest of provoking insight on this topic, I will state my argument. I will assert

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First of all, there is no real “Google sandbox”. There is what some people call the “sandbox effect”, which is simply the principle of trusting

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Yes, Google’s crawlers are designed to find new content and index it. That doesn’t mean that Google trusts new content more than content that has

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What is Link Pyramid?

You ask a good question. And yes, you are correct in your assumption. You do not need to create a second layer if your 1st

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