Adwords – Keyword Planner vs First Page Bid

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Sometimes it much higher, sometimes it’s much lower.

It’s not that the data is inaccurate, it represents the average of all advertisers targeting the keywords. Advertisers have a wide range of abilities and performance characteristics. If you are below the average you are likely to pay a higher cost for the exact same ad position. If you want better CPC cost then you need to learn to better manage your campaigns.

The actual CPC cost will vary from one advertiser to another because it is based on a lot of different factors, including relevance, expected clickthrough rates, and the prominence of the extensions or formats on the search results page. Those are all factors that can be influenced by how you manage your campaigns.

So, you might be seeing $0.60 CPC today, but after a bit of campaign optimization, it could drop to less than $ 0.10. Actively managing your campaigns is an absolute necessity if you want to beat the averages.

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