2nd on Google but no traffic…?

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First, I would double-check that position, by going to Scroogle Scraper. It is possible that your Personal Web Search history has biased the SERP rankings. Logging out of your Google account no longer disables PWS.
Those numbers don’t sound right, you will typically see 3-10 times the traffic from broad vs exact. I would double-check the numbers and look for a possible data outlier situation. Check the monthly search volume trend, it often shows evidence of data outliers. Have someone you trust double-check those numbers in GAKT, many folks have difficulty understanding the proper way to select exact match data.
I’d be willing to bet a week’s wages that it’s one of the items I mentioned above!

The GAKT is about as good as it gets, the problem is that folks often don’t take the time to learn how to use it properly.

If your site was simply copied and remained unchanged when you moved it to your new host I would suspect the host may have blocked the Googlebot from crawling your website. Add your site to your Google Webmaster Tools account and check the diagnostics.

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