Adsense Ads = NOT Relevant

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[I’ve had an issue with Adsense for months now not showing relevant content. My content is gaming related, I get a couple of thousand visitors a day from Google alone, and yet, the AdSense ads are often Vistaprint crap. However, I look at my less-trafficked competitors in the same exact niche and their ads are quite a bit more relevant. Any ideas? My CTR has also slumped to about 1/4 of its average over the past few days. Please analyze my content:]

Your website is about a computer game, you want ads about that, or other, computer games. Yet nowhere on your website does the keyword “computer games”, exist. It’s not in the text, it’s not in the page titles, nor headings, nor anchor text. How do you expect AdSense to figure this out if you have no signals to clue them in?

If you simply add the keyword “computer games” to a few key elements you will begin to see relevant ads. It is really that simple.

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