Adsense earnings disclosure policy? I can’t find the official word.

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[I’ve always heard that when it comes to Adsense earnings disclosure you can show the amount a website has earned via the column for date and the total that’s it. But I can’t find the official rule from Adsense. I need to see it officially so I can send the info over to a person I’ve been talking with. He insists he can’t tell me how much the site is earning as it’s against policy even though he provides an asking price for the site… (essentially asking me to buy without knowing what it earns – ridiculous yes).]

Google says specifically “You may accurately disclose the amount of Google’s gross payments to You pursuant to the Program.” in section 7(c) of their Terms of Service. I would refer your seller to section 7(c) where he can read it for himself, and if he still refuses then you can assume that the earnings are probably embarrassingly insignificant.

7. Confidentiality. You agree not to disclose Google Confidential Information without Google’s prior written consent. “Google Confidential Information” includes without limitation: (a) all Google software, technology, programming, specifications, materials, guidelines, and documentation relating to the Program; (b) click-through rates or other statistics relating to Property performance in the Program provided to You by Google; and (c) any other information designated in writing by Google as “Confidential” or an equivalent designation. However, You may accurately disclose the amount of Google’s gross payments to You pursuant to the Program. Google Confidential Information does not include information that has become publicly known through no breach by You or Google, or information that has been (i) independently developed without access to Google Confidential Information, as evidenced in writing; (ii) rightfully received by You from a third party; or (iii) required to be disclosed by law or by a governmental authority.

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