Adsense rejected me because of difficulties with other accounts I have created with Google?

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[I’ve recently applied for the Adsense program with the site in my signature. Now I know the site might not meet the guidelines but I thought I’d give it a try. This was 2 days ago. Today I open my inbox and see a message from Google. The mail says (Translated to English since they wrote me in german so it might not be exactly equal to what you read or got) that they do not want to accept me into their program due to difficulties with other accounts I have created with Google. Now I think that if it just was the site that didn’t meet their guidelines the mail would have been different, right? Did anyone ever experience this? and is there any way I can still get into the AdSense program? Should I contact them directly? (Since the mail states they *might* not reply to questions about the reason for not accepting me.]

Google has a policy of not disclosing the precise details of violations since this would encourage minimal compliance. They want to encourage the best behavior, not the least passable behavior. In other words, if you want to be safe, don’t even get close to crossing the line, because they are not going to tell you how close you are, or exactly where the line is, just that you should be far away from it to be safe.

Yes to both, plus they have many other ways of making connections.

Google was started as a project that showed connections between websites, they are all about making connections and they are very good at it. They also know that the first thing many folks do when they get banned for violations is to try to open another account. They expect it and usually can make the connection unless you go to great lengths to wipe out all traces of past identity.

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