Advertising for Women’s Lingerie

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Facebook is a social network, not a search engine, not a classified ads site, so they expect your ads to promote social networking pages, not products and services. 

Social Networks, like Facebook, are for social sharing and tolerate ads, but mostly when the advertisers help to promote social sharing on Facebook. They take a dim view of any ads or promotions that point to web pages on websites outside of the FB walled garden.

Yes, it’s true that you can place a type of ad that takes users away from Facebook, but Facebook tends to discourage that type of advertising and require a high cost to advertise that way on FB. Ads are cheaper on Facebook if the ads are promoting a FB page. 

Since Facebook targets young teenagers, as a primary demographic, they have community standards that don’t allow for the promotion of Adult themed products. You have to make your ads fit the standard of a children’s book club if you want to avoid getting ads disapproved. 

The fact is that you do not “have to show half-naked women” to sell lingerie, you can use straight forward sales copy and tasteful product photos to sell all but the most raunchy lingerie. Photos only help to draw the eye’s attention and to support the sales copy. Learn to use photos for advertising the right way and you can accomplish the task of selling lingerie online.

Your ads need to fit the channel standards and style. Try creating ads made specifically to promote your social pages and make sure your social pages are actually good at being social. If you can’t bring yourself to doing this then you should look for advertising channels other than social networks.

Social Media Marketing differs from other advertising channels. The idea is to be great at socializing on social networks and you will get business because of your social networking activities. Social Networking Ads work best at promoting social networking pages. You need to give your audience what they came for, social sharing. Your ads have to be relevant to your audience, you get business as a result of your socializing activities,

Any decent-sized social network will have stringent community standards. You need to conform to those standards or forget about advertising within a social community of any significance.

kIf all you are selling is the raunchiest type of lingerie then perhaps you would be better off targeting pornography websites as your primary ad channel. 

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