Adwords Campaign Scaling Question

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No need to pause everything, just pause your underperforming ads.

If your QS is trending lower you need to get your CTR up by writing more compelling ads.

Here are a few tips for improving CTR:

  • Ideally, you should be split testing 2, or more, ads per ad group.
  • Ad groups should contain nearly identical keywords.
  • Ads should be written for specific keywords within the ad group.
  • Include the exact keyword within the ad text.
  • Include Unique value propositions in your ad text
  • Use specific quantifiable benefits in your ad text
  • Include a call-to-action that lets the user know what they can do.

You need to split those keywords into separate ad groups so that you can include the exact keyword in the ad text. The searcher’s intent could be different for each of those keywords, so you need to write ads for each ad group that matches the exact intent of the searcher, and if necessary create additional landing pages that also match that intent.

You could use dynamic keyword insertion, but in this case, I believe you really need to separate those keywords into separate ad groups.

For example, you could place the following words in the same ad group:

Vancouver mortgage broker
Vancouver mortgage brokers
mortgage broker Vancouver
mortgage brokers in Vancouver
a mortgage broker in Vancouver

Since they are all nearly identical they will all work with the same extremely targeted ad text.

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