Adwords – Does anyone have this same issue?

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AdWords is a competitive auction if you have everything set up correctly, and bid high enough you will get ad impressions if there are searches happening in your geo-targeted locations.

There are a number of reasons that you might not be seeing ad clicks, or perhaps not even any ad impressions.

Ad Approvals Check to make sure that your ads are approved.
Low Volume Keywords There are keywords that get little to no traffic on any given day, so you may have to wait a while to get any ad impressions. This is especially true if your campaigns are targeting a relatively small geographical region.
Low Bids Check the “Est.first page bid” column under the Keywords tab of your account to see if any of your bids are too low to trigger ads on the first page of search results. If so try using the keyword bulk edit tool to raise all of your bids to estimated first-page bids, or even better to top of page bids.
Quality Scores Check your keyword quality scores, if they are low you will need to bid very high before getting any impressions, if you have poor quality scores you may not see any impressions at all, no matter how high you bid.
Negative Match Keywords Check your keywords to see if a is preventing your keyword from triggering ads.
Daily Budget If you have a low daily budget set it can prevent your ads from displaying, make sure that your daily budget is at least 10 times higher than your highest maximum CPC bid.
Website Dispproved/Account Suspended Check your email account for any messages from AdWords regarding disapproved ads, landing pages, or account suspensions.

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