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AdWords would have sent you an email that includes the policy category that your website violated.

As a self-serve platform, they do not tell you specifically what is wrong with your website, however, they supply the policy page that triggered your website suspension.

Bear in mind that your website might be in violation of multiple policies, and that policy violations can occur in more than one place within your content. It would create a lot of work for an AdWords employee to go through every bit of content, on every page, pointing out every violation for every website. 

AdWords provides you with their policy, in writing, and they expect you to read it and comply with each and every policy. They expect you to audit your own website and make sure it is in compliance, on your own, since it is a self-serve platform. 

They may help you if they see that you are making a sincere effort to change and improve your website to make it compliant with policies. However, they expect you to take the initiative and not try to use their customer service department as your personal unpaid consultants.

If you find it too daunting to read and comply with AdWords policies then you probably shouldn’t be trying to run an AdWords campaign. You don’t have to become an AdWords expert if you don’t want to, instead seek the help of a consultant, or hire an agency to build custom landing pages and/or manage your campaigns for you, that is what most folks do.

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