After penguin update -What if My Competitors Point Spammy Links to My Site?

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It nice to see at least a few warriors have retained their common sense.

I congratulate you for seeing past the nonsense and recognizing the reality of this latest update. I was beginning to think that the “Warrior Forum” was going to have to change their name to the “Chicken Little Forum”. All these “the sky is falling” posts are total BS and becoming insufferable. You guys give me hope that this forum will not circle the bowl and go down with a flush. 

To rest of you wimpy Chicken Little disciples: Get a grip!

The sky hasn’t fallen, you just got sucked into the dark side of SEO.

Stop your spamming, and stop complaining that Google sunk your website. Google did exactly what they were supposed to, they devalued your webspam. You have been repeatedly warned by Google and preached to about the risk of relying on webspam on this forum.

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