All my websites disappeared from Google!

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[I have been creating links with scrapebox using private proxies for my websites and in a matter of two weeks my pages have completed disappeared from google and my traffic is almost none (8 websites in total). What did I do wrong and how do I fix this?]

All the talk about scrapebox, backlinks and spamming are all red herrings. The real problem is that your websites were de-indexed and I assure you it was not due to any of those aforementioned red herrings.

If your websites were indeed de-indexed then your problem is with the content or code within your web pages. You are violating Google’s webmaster guidelines across all of your de-indexed websites and you need to figure out what those violations are and fix them if you hope to ever appear again in Google’s index.

I recommend that you add and verify your websites on Google’s Webmaster Tools, you may get feedback from there on what the problem is with your websites preventing them from being indexed.

Google tells you exactly the reasons they will de-index your website. If you aren’t trying to game Google then you needn’t worry about any consequences using analytics or Webmaster tools. Now if you fancy yourself a sleazy webmaster that uses dubious practices then, and only then, do you need to hide your associations from Google.

I’ve had both Google analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts since the very first day each was offered, yet never been de-indexed.

A couple of the most important factors in the ranking are relevant backlinks and Trust. Anyone following your advice would be decimating both. And for the short term benefit of the freshness? How Sisyphean of you.

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