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[When social bookmarking a page that you want to link to and you want to anchor text link, can you promote more than one keyword per bookmark and if so how do you do it? Or do you have to use one keyword per bookmark?]

You have several areas that you can use to SEO your social bookmark postings. The most obvious is the title of your bookmark which often becomes the anchor text of a backlink to your website. If you are clever you can formulate a title that has several good keywords contained within.

You should also include your targeted keywords in the tags and within the description. Here you can easily include a number of relevant keywords.

Some social bookmarking sites let you organize your bookmarks in lists that can serve as categories where you group similar items based on a targeted keyword. Use your targeted keyword as the name of the list since that is often used in the URL and page title.

Finally, you may want to try using your targeted keyword in your account user name as that is often included in page titles and/or URLs.

Most SB sites allow you to put any text you want for the title of your bookmark. That title is generally used as the anchortext for the link to the page you are bookmarking. You don’t have to use HTML, their scripts handle that part for you.

Most of the large services use the Nofollow attribute on those links but some of the smaller ones do not and they could end up passing link juice to your bookmarked pages.

Just pay attention to where and how each site uses anchors: account names, groups, categories, lists, titles, tags, etc… Just exploit those by using keywords on any that may be used for anchor text.

Let’s say that you wanted to target the following keywords:

  1. dog training
  2. dog training tips
  3. dog training advice
  4. dog training videos
  5. online dog training

You could create a title like:
“Dog Training Video, Tips and Advice available online”

While not all keywords are together, they are included and will help your relevancy score for each keyword on that list.

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