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You just offended a least a billion people on this planet by your comments.

Most people that are familiar with the character “Noah” view him as a real historical figure. He was written about in many books, including the Book of Genesis from the Holy Bible, his name is also mentioned in Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Chronicles. He has been written about in documents from Hebrew, Arabic, and ancient Greek culture, and is a prominent historical figure in the Quran.

While you may refer to him as a “fictional religious character” and the most accurate documents from those times as “myths”, the fact is he is a documented historical figure and no more a myth than any other historically documented figure. While you may not share the same religious beliefs as others, that gives no cause to demean or diminish well-documented history.

By that standard, we would have to refer to all of history as mythology and any characters mention as fictional. Do we now refer to World War II as a “myth”, and to Churchill, Roosevelt, Mussolini, Stalin, and Hirohito as “fictional characters”? :confused:

Please, have a little respect for documented history! 

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