Arrggh!! AdWords!!

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Google’s has much higher standards for their Search Network, they require nothing short of extreme relevance. The problem with a broad match is that it’s nearly impossible to get that high relevance they absolutely require.

It sounds as if your campaign got most of its impressions from those broad match keywords which were poorly targeted. This has probably brought your overall account history down. The good news is that you have a really short account history for your poor performing campaign, so you can rehabilitate your account in short order.

Pause all but your very best performing exact match keywords, raise your bids, and let them run for a few days. It may take a bit longer if you have very few impressions, just give it time. Even though your minimum bids are higher it doesn’t mean that your actual CPC will be as high. You can keep your daily budget low until you are comfortable with your CPC, but it will keep your impressions very low.

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