Backlink value : PR3(non-relevant) vs. PR1(relevant)

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[I would like to hear your thoughts on the “Power” of the backlink in relation to the relevance. I am aiming especially in the SE rankings section not so much the “let’s make a high PR page”, cause the latter doesn’t play that much of a role in the micro-niche/Adsense business (at least I don’t think it does for my own sites ranking). So let’s say I have a site about carrot soup. Is it better to get 10 PR3 links from clothing-related sites or 10 PR1 links from cooking/carrots/recipes related sites? What do you guys think? Is there any “border-line” of power lets say “Yes 10 PR5 links would be much better even if they are totally non-related, but PR3 is too low…” <- I made this up, just to try to make a point.]

Search engines do not pay attention to “site” topics. They are much more granular in their approach to measuring relevancy. They tend to focus exclusively on individual “page” relevancy signals, so neither the topic of your website nor the topic of the website where you are getting your backlinks from play any role in SEO relevancy. For relevancy signals, focus on “page topic” not “site topic”, since that is how search engines determine relevancy.

If you are able to use your keyword in the anchortext of your backlink then you are significantly influencing the relevance of that page and particularly that backlink. The anchortext value seems to be the heaviest weighted relevancy signal used by Google for influencing the targeted page’s relevancy score.

Having said that, it is important to keep users in mind. Your traffic will tend to be more targeted if you are linking from, not only relevant pages but pages on websites with topical relevance. This is particularly important for optimizing Ad space revenue.

Blogs (or websites) do not have PR. PR is assigned to the individual page, not the “blog” (nor the website).

In the eyes of search engines, there is no such thing as “site relevance”, only page relevance and anchortext relevance.

Relevancy is of absolute paramount importance, in my opinion. However, it is not how you view relevancy that matters, it is how search engines view relevancy that matters for SEO. Link juice will not help you rank for your targeted keyword unless it is channeled through a relevant anchortext link. Without relevancy, you will not rank.

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