Backlinks and Social Bookmarking! IS THAT ALL ABOUT SEO?

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Sounds like you have few misconceptions about SEO. Nothing you mentioned in your post referred to SEO directly.

You described website promotional activities, not SEO. Those two are not exactly the same thing, though they are typically done in conjunction with the other.

Your post referenced acts of creating content, which, in certain cases is promotional activity. SEO is what is done, to that content, to ensure that it includes signals of relevance that will be discovered by search engines.

You ask if autopilot systems are real, yes there are autopilot systems that are REAL, but for most, I wouldn’t count on them for REAL traffic.

Consider this: Websites like Google Search and Google News are autopilot systems, in a sense, and they certainly generate huge traffic, but it took more than a few mouse clicks to build those systems.

The bottom line is that you can generally expect to get out of those systems exactly what you put into them. If it is a cheap program and all you do is push a few buttons then you shouldn’t have high expectations.

Look at it this way, primarily there are 3 qualities that are desirable in a good system: Cheap, Fast, and Easy. Pick any 2. You should never expect to get all 3 in the same package, that would be too good to be true, and you are likely buying into a scam.

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