Bing Ads Campaign Scaling Up Problem

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You can only go so far by simply selling, to get to the next level you must start learning the science of marketing. 

Marketing and selling are not the same things, the goals are different. The goal of selling is to get a sale. The goal of marketing is to increase sales by improving the efficiency, scope, scale and overall effectiveness of your methods and process of selling. Those are 2 very different things.

From the sound of your post it seems you have only been trying to sell, not trying to market. To get to the next level you need to focus on improving your process by learning how to optimize your campaigns.

A key concept of marketing is market segmentation. You need to learn how to segment your audience and begin optimizing your bids, not based on overall performance, but instead based on the performance of individual segments. Each keyword can be a segment, but you can also segment by query type, by commercial intent, by an hour of the day, day of the week, device type, location, etc.

When you split up your data into segments you will notice that some segment perform better than others. Start adjusting your bids higher on top-performing segments, lower bids on lower-performing segments but only to the point that total profits are increasing, If you adjust to the point that profits drop, you have gone too far, you have gone past the optimal bid, just go back one increment to optimize your bid.

Another principle of marketing science is to conduct message content experiments. Make sure that you have devised useful marketing experiments that help you test different value propositions and selling points within your ad message, and landing pages sales copy. The core concept of marketing is to deliver a compelling message that drives action. You cannot assume that your message is optimal, without running a battery of tests.

Before you design your marketing experiments you need to perform some value proposition research to find every possible viable message to test. It generally takes many months to complete just a few rounds of testing on value propositions. It is usually worth it because the payoffs can be huge. If you double your conversion rates you can purchase more top ad slot positions to maximize the scale of your campaigns.

Another obvious way to scale you campaigns is to go to the larger search engines, By advertising only in Bing you are ignoring the 2 largest search engines in the world, who together will have at least 20 times the traffic of Bing for most niches.

But, first learn how to market, else you are likely to have you ass royally kicked when you jump into the deep end of the adult pool. 

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