Clickfunnels for A/B test hosting on your own site.

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This reminds me of an old metaphor:

“When you are a hammer everything looks like a nail”.

When you’re a Clickfunnel marketer everything looks like a funnel step.

While Clickfunnels is a great tool, especially for someone just getting started, it is like a multitool you carry in your pocket and use whenever you’re away from your tool shop that is stocked full of professional-grade, best-in-breed power tools. The one-size-fits-all solution is rarely the best option for everything you may want to do, and Clickfunnels is no exception.

Sometimes you need a wrench instead of a hammer.

While you could try to move your entire web presence into the Clickfunnels environment it certainly will not be the best option for most businesses.

The trouble with Clickfunnels is that all of its great features work exclusively on their own platform. Those features all live in a “walled-off garden”. There’s a whole world of possibilities outside of that walled-garden to explore. ClickFunnels is not a highly extendable platform.

Clickfunnels is made to be a checkout funnel tool and works great if that’s all you need. Marketing funnels and website optimization require a whole different set of tools if you want to be highly competitive in those areas.

The good news is that you have tens of thousands of extensible solutions available from thousands of development teams to fill just about every possible need.

As Ozi mentioned there are better solutions for split testing websites and landing pages like “VWO or Optimizely” and they actually work outside of the Clickfunnels environment. You may even want to consider Google Optimize which is pretty good as a free solution.

If you are looking for a great landing page builder you may want to look at Instapage, as it is by far the easiest and fastest page builder my agency has ever tested and we use it extensively. The only downside is that it gets really expensive quickly if you are using it for hundreds of custom landing pages, if you need to go over 50 landing pages the price jumps to $12,000+ per year.

If you are on the WordPress platform take a look at Elementor page builder. It’s low cost (free with a premium option) and highly extensible. My page building team loves it because it is so flexible and easy to use yet has a lot of advanced page building elements available as add-ons. Page and block element templates are easy to create and reuse on multiple pages and websites. You can create really beautiful pages using the simplicity of drag and dropping pre-built elements or page sections.

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