Copied Clickbank sales page, getting “Poor” Landing Page QS..??

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When your Quality Score drops to Poor (1/10), that is the off switch which is generally only used when your landing page is not in compliance with AdWords policies. You need to figure out exactly what policies you are in violation of and correct them immediately. And yes you should consider your account to be in jeopardy if you do not correct this issue ASAP.

Based on your post, I would first look to see if you have what Google would classify as a bridge page. This is a common issue for affiliate marketers, you can’t have a sales page that leads to yet another sales page. Google used to tolerate that, but no longer do.

Another issue it could be is an offer that may be considered potentially deceptive, or of dubious nature. Again, this is not based on what you think of the offer but what Google thinks of it. There are many products that Google does not want to be associated with. Check to see if other marketers are having issues with similar products on AdWords.

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