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What one calls crap content would be anything posted that you personally find useless. One man’s crap might be another man’s treasure.

For example, the posts that you are making to this forum might be considered crap content. They tend to be one or two sentence posts designed to get your signature links in with the least amount of effort. 

They look remarkably like the crap content that many spambots post to forums like this. The only thing that makes me think that you may be human is that you actually replied in an earlier thread, however it was a rather generic reply so I’m still not sure.

You obviously know something about promoting a website, yet you are asking such fundamental questions they seem contrived as an excuse to post a link. If you are human and not just a spambot why not engage in a conversation with us? Tell us what you have done already to try and find the answer to the generic questions you are asking and give us a little insight as to why you are asking such questions. Please consider this an invitation to engage with this community, but only if you are human and not just a paid to post spam worker.

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