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[I know some people use program like amr,scrapebox, senuke. I know people say they get to rank 1. But when make many links with these programs, do you get deindexed. For people who use this software and get to rank 1.
Do your sites stay page 1 or do you get deindexed?]

Your question indicates that you have not realized these facts.

People use those tools you mentioned in your post. People are not websites, therefore people aren’t indexed and can’t be de-indexed. Since websites are not people, Google almost never knows who is responsible for webspam only which webmaster has permitted webspam to be placed on their website.

So no, your website is never de-indexed because you used those tools. Google has no way of knowing who actually used those tools. They do devalue pages where your webspam is allowed to be placed, which reduces or eliminates the value of those backlinks.

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