Deindexed and Sandboxed after Senuke – What to do?

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[My main site with 800 unique visitors a day disappeared out of the Google Index. With that I mean when I google for “” without the quotes, there shows up nothing. The site has around 60 pages that are optimized for one keyword each. The domain has PR2 and is about 9 years old. (Bought in 02/11). In the past 2,5 months, I´ve done a lot of backlinking to the Main-page and to the other keyword-optimized pages. Yahoo is showing around 1950 backlinks already. I´ve also made a lot of backlinks to Web 2.0 properties to shield my site. But then comes SEnuke X along. I´ve read here and in other forums that there is nothing like the Google Sandbox or Google Deindexing and Backlinks can never hurt you. (the man was I wrong). So I decided to do a little bit nuking for my site.
Nuke 1 04/13/11 Wizard Full Monty (Main Page + 2 others)
Nuke 2 04/15/11 Wizard More Powerful Simple Pyramid (Main Page + 2 others)
Nuke 3 04/16/11 Wizard More Powerful Simple Pyramid (Main Page + 2 others)
Nuke 4 04/25/11 Wizard Full Monty (Main Page + 2 others)
That´s it. On 04/27/11 after around 300 Visitors, Google kicked me out of the Index. That site made me around $200 this month in Adsense and Clickbank. Yesterday was 0,01 in Adsense. I have two other sites that are Google Sandboxed since February and Beginning of April. By Sandboxed I mean they show up in the google index but are on page 500 or elsewhere. These two sites are not nuked but I have bought Backlink packs at fiverr or Warriorforum. (Xrumer…)]

Thanks for helping to debunk yet another erroneous claim of backlinks causing a website to be de-indexed.

It seems to always be something else, but for some reason, folks just love to blame the webspam. I think that it could be that they feel the most guilt about the webspam and automatically assume it is the thing they feel the most guilt over.

Think about it folks, when you have a case of someone littering the web with spam, that same person just might have tried to cut more than a few corners. When that person gets the increased exposure from their promotional activities they also increase the likeliness of a human review. So the backlink campaign gains exposure and exposure speeds the discovery of other dubious practices. It’s a story told almost daily on this forum.

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