Do outbound links matter?

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Your outbound links are just as important as inbound links. In some ways, they are even more important because they are completely under your control.

Google uses the web that your page is contained within to determine keywords relevant to your page. They use both inbound and outbound links. While it may seem too simple, it is indeed true.

I too was skeptical of the Hub Sites claims until I noticed a number of my pages reaching top ranking without any backlink building on my part. I decided to do an experiment and built a serious of websites that linked out to many highly relevant webpages. I created just enough inbound links to get the sites indexed. I didn’t do any other SEO promotional activity. I was amazed and pleased to see each of them reach a top 3 position in the SERP for the targeted search phrase. I was even more pleased when I saw how much I was earning in ad revenue.

Anyone who claims this to be a myth has certainly not tested the concept, for it has never failed me.

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