Do reviews affect your CPC in Adwords Express?

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Ads with reviews that are highly rated tend to get better CTR. Improved CTR will help maintain a higher Quality Score for your keywords and ad groups. High-quality Scores have a direct impact on CPC. The higher your quality score the lower your click cost for the same ad position.

p.s. The reason it took a while to get a response is that this section of the forum doesn’t usually get posts related to SEM topics, for years those topics were discussed over here, and for the most part, they still are.

It seems that topics on SEM are not well received by participants in this forum, as it has traditionally been a CPA network discussions only. Anyone who dares to post in here on SEM topics is either get ignored or berated unless your topic sticks strictly to the CPA network perspective on this particular board. Since most people doing CPA network marketing are rarely accepted in the AdWords program they simply cannot discuss much outside the topic of getting banned from AdWords.

The bottom line, despite the label and description of this forum, SEM topics, especially related to the nonaffiliate marketing perspective are not tolerated by the members here. You will have a much better response posting your AdWords questions in the SEO forum where they have always been discussed.

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