Do you think I will win this SEO Contest (Ends: March 18, 2010)

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Your page looks to be fairly well optimized. I would suggest that you add a list of about a dozen outbound links to other pages on your website or elsewhere. Use the targeted keyword first followed by a hyphen and a few other words.

Primary Keyword – 5 most popular [keyword]
Primary Keyword – 3 useful tips
Primary Keyword – Most useful site
Primary Keyword – Another useful site

Make the anchortext large and bold.

Then take the top 20 listings found with this search operator string and list them in the same fashion – Keyword followed by website name:

intitle:”mma pound for pound” inurl:”mma pound for pound” intext:”mma pound for pound” inanchor:”mma pound for pound” – Google Search

Linking out to relevant sites can help you achieve hub site status and may give you that boost needed to move up a position or two. You may not have enough time left to realize this boost, but it couldn’t hurt.

Nothing would help more than having a sizable network of high PR pages that you own or control. A handful of backlinks from high PR pages will do wonders for your ranking. Though I noticed that the current #1 page is on a page with a lot of link juice pointed towards it, and it’s on a hub site to boot.

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