Does anybody know how to get 1 cent clicks?

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On all major PPC platforms, the advertisers set the CPC. So it goes without saying that the higher the click cost the greater the value to advertisers. CPC is generally lower than the value per click, except when you get down to the 1 cent clicks, those are typically worth less than the click cost.

As Bright Future said in his reply “There’s a reason why they cost 1 cent.” In most cases, if a CPC is only 1 cent it is because that is the smallest denomination offered on the platform, and the true value of those clicks is likely far less than 1 cent, in many cases totally worthless.

If it is worthless clicks that you seek, there are even cheaper ways to get those, namely through bot traffic. Why waste money on worthless clicks? If all you want is traffic, and do not care about the value of that traffic, get yourself a bot that can send tons of free fake traffic. The results will be about the same and you’ll save a bunch of money by not paying for worthless clicks.

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