Does PPC work for a retail store?

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First let me say I have an agency that does PPC management for clients, including clients with brick and mortar stores. So yes, you can absolutely drive foot traffic through PPC, probably better than any other available method.

What may be a bit of a challenge is getting targeted traffic for a product that is not in demand. Key to successful PPC marketing is extremely targeted traffic.

A good approach may involve creating curiosity about your product in the Display Network, driving them to a landing page that encourages calls, visits to your showroom, or where applicable, onsite estimates and quotes.

A better approach may be to select a closely related, high volume, commodity type product to feature alongside your primary product line. You can then target ads to your high volume product to get foot traffic, and website traffic, in front of your primary product line. You could even do a loss leader to stimulate other profitable sales of your primary product line.

If there are no blogs centered around your product niche then you have an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as the thought leader in your industry niche. Create several blogs, one specifically about your product line and a couple of others that target the interests of your primary customer base and work blog posts in that generate curiosity about your primary product, complete with links to your primary blog, and primary money site.

The idea behind this approach is to create separate websites/blogs targeting the 3 stages of the buying cycle: Interest, Information, Purchase. You then develop separate campaigns targeting the specific stages of the buying cycle, optimizing each for that particular phase.

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