Domain Forwarding affects SEO

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Which web page are you trying to get indexed and ranking? If it is the masked domain then no, you won’t see anything beneficial and may have difficulty getting it indexed. Search engines bots look at the source markup and see exactly where the content is served from, you are not fooling them, it’s only users that may be unaware of the masking.

And now the other shoe drops

  1. Spambot creates a series of fake new accounts
  2. Spambot posts basic (what is… how is… which is… when is…) type of question spun from a list of topics related to the forum.
  3. Spambot returns and a preprogrammed schedule to post generic answers for that same topic for each of the fake user accounts

Round and round we go, the same generic questions and answers posted over and over and over by the same group of spambots. The only thing that changes is the user names. 

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