Duplicate Content a Myth? Not anymore.

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[If you’re running a site with scraped content, or duplicate content, you might want to check out google’s latest algorithm change discussed on Matt Cutts’ blog: Algorithm change launched. It looks like they’ll be favoring the site that has the original content. So there you go! Myth busted?]

It seems you stated a fact and then totally mischaracterized it.

First, you imply that “duplicate content” is considered a myth with your thread title. Where does that come from? The only myth surrounding duplicate content I’m aware of is the myth of a penalty.

There is no “duplicate content penalty” that part is a myth, however, there has always been a duplicate content filter. This algorithm change doesn’t change any of that, it is simply an improvement in detecting the original source within the filtering process.

No myths were created or busted.

I did check my sites that use syndicated content and yes they were affected, traffic is up and earnings are at new record highs.

To blindly follow someone’s ideas just because they had success at some point, is often not wise. We should take what others say with a healthy amount of critical thinking, including my own words.

I know a fellow that had tremendous success because of the talent he employed, and after he sold the company everything he did from that point on was an absolute failure. Turns out, while he was credited with the success, he had no idea what made it successful.

We should consider what we read and run our own tests to validate what is said. Past performance is never a guarantee of future success.

If you do some digging you may find hundreds of websites I am associated with. However, I would never disclose my true moneymakers here on this forum, While I believe the overwhelming majority of folks on this board are great people, this is a very large board and a good many cutthroat Black Hat types and script kiddies hang out here as well. I have had some websites attacked because of critiques I’ve made of certain posts on this forum. The sites I expose are there as bait for such attacks.

Furthermore, I would suggest that you rethink the credibility of Alexa rankings. Alexa ranking is rather easy to manipulate, Alexa stats are based on the traffic of folks that have their toolbar installed. There is a certain demographic for Alexa toolbar users and any niche outside of that particular demographic will be grossly under-reported and any niche within that demographic will be grossly over-reported.

Google News

I know it’s technically not a blog, but the idea that you use automation is no reason to settle for low quality. There are many examples of auto-generated content were bots scrape from existing websites and provide a very valuable service. It’s the final product, not the technology used to create it, that you will ultimately be judged.

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