Easy PPC Money – The real deal?

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[I joined EasyPPC Money last week for $100/month. It involves sending a lot of targeted traffic to your site to increase Adsense revenue. I installed Google Analytics to the site yesterday and the stats so far say; (00:00:01 Avg. Time on Site) (Site Avg: 00:00:01 (-28.46%)). For a total of 109 visits. 1 second average time on the site seems odd. I contacted the tech support and they told me that they never trust GA and I’m better off without Analytics anyway. Does this indicate the system is just sending junk/bot traffic? The feedback has been very good from Warriors who have used this system but I don’t know if they’ve checked the traffic sources yet.]

You will know for sure when your account is banned!

Purchasing traffic from an unknown, undisclosed source is a very, very bad idea.

I appreciate your reasoned approach to discussing this topic. I’m not sure I can go along with your test it and see approach, however, because anyone testing this is risking a lifetime ban if the test fails. The ban won’t likely come immediately, but it won’t matter that you only violated AdSense policy for 2 days, 2 years or 2 minutes, the ban will still be for a lifetime.

As a publisher, you are responsible for your website traffic sources and employing a system that obfuscates the traffic source is behavior that is just begging to get you permanently kicked out of the program.

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