Facebook Limiting

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[ FB has started blocking all of my original posts, removing them and sending me a notice that the posts do not meet community standards.]

From FB’s perspective, your original 7-year-old profile is your “real” profile. 

The bottom line is that they do not want you to have more than a single personal profile. Just one, not two, or more profiles, that’s against their terms of service. Facebook (aka Lifelog) is an identity service that compiles an online dossier of your entire life. It’s not merely an account profile, it’s the permanent record of your life, online. 

For businesses, they expect you to create a Facebook Business account and then build a Business Page. In fact, you can build as many pages as you like for as many businesses or organizations as you like, but your personal Facebook account is your permanent identity. 

Trying to create a new Facebook profile is tantamount to creating a new legal identity in real life. Not easy to do, and generally frowned upon.

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