Fake clicks from Bing Ads?

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I think you may misunderstand how Session Duration tracking works in Google Analytics.

If a user visits your landing page, reads the page for 10 minutes, and then leaves your website the total session duration will typically be zero. That is because there are no other page hits to calculate the total session duration. A visitor must visit multiple pages, or trigger user engagement hits on your page to measure a session duration beyond zero

Here’s a link that explains how session duration is measured:

If you do not have event tracking enabled, and have no engagement events set up for the landing page, then all of your bounce visits will be recorded as zero session duration, no matter how long they spend on the landing page.

While the amount of data in your report isn’t enough to make any valid conclusions, I would say there doesn’t seem to be a problem with Bing, but your data points to a problem with your landing page, and/or your targeting. Having an average of 92% bounce rate is an indication of low user engagement, it could be for many reasons, I would look for the reason you are having low engagement rates.

If you have a landing page that doesn’t prompt users to visit other pages of your website then consider adding in-page engagement events to get a better idea of the real session duration average. You could add scroll depth events, videos, and other engagement widgets, that show you much more information about user behavior and ore accurate session duration data.

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