First-ever product launch – PPC is the way?

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Q. – does Google PPC accept “male sexual health” (not adult) advertising campaigns?

A. Yes, under certain circumstances they do. Generally, you must have either a license to practice medicine or a pharmaceutical license.

Q. – is $25 per day a good starting amount?

A. Yes, that is adequate as a starting point. The larger your daily budget the quicker you will be able to optimize your campaign.

Q. – do I set up say 4 different squeeze pages and 4 ads to cross-test and split?

A. At the very least, a few landing page templates should be tested to determine which will convert better. But that is just the start of your testing. Once you have selected the winning layout, you need to split test the key elements that impact conversion rates. (headings, subheadings, images, introductory paragraphs, benefits, Call-to-Action, button style, button color, etc.)

Keywords should be grouped into tightly focused ad groups, with separate ad groups for each variant in root keywords. Test at least 2 ads at a time for each group and write a new test ad after a clear winner emerges, keeping the winner as the baseline ad.

Testing of both landing page elements, as well as keyword/ad text/landing page combinations, should be an ongoing continuous testing program.

Q. – Is it even worth doing PPC with google? Is there a better alternative?

A. Google AdWords is your best bet, they have a reach of over 80% of the market and no other network can approach that level of penetration. They also have superior systems for preventing click fraud which is a major problem in smaller networks.

The best way to test and optimize landing pages is with Adwords, the immediate information garnered can be used to adapt quickly to your current market needs and conditions.

PPC advertising is also an excellent way to test elements of SEO campaigns before making significant investments in web promotion campaigns.

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