Getting Google ads to work with a low traffic niche?

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Now that you have gone broader in your keywords, and receiving impressions, you can begin analyzing that data to gain insights into what will work for your targeted audience. One of the great things about broad terms is that it will help you to discover many of the variations of search terms that your audience is currently using.

You need to discover the actual terms your audience is using to find your product/service. You will want to add those keywords to your ad groups where appropriate.

Not all of your search terms triggering your ads will be relevant so you will need to add negative keywords to prevent the irrelevant terms from triggering ads. What you need to do is review the Search terms report for your campaign’s keywords.

How to find and run a Search Terms report -…

Quality Score is the small advertiser’s great equalizer. You can compete against bigger advertisers if you focus on keyword Quality Scores, and practice CRO on your landing pages.

A big factor in your ad position, and CPC, is your keyword Quality Score. By reviewing the Search Terms Report and adding negative match keywords for irrelevant search terms, and add relevant search terms as keywords within a tightly focused ad group that has ads written specifically for those search terms, you will improve your Quality Scores.

It’s not just the keywords, but how compelling your ad text is to your targeted audience. Be sure to create multiple ads for each ad group, testing different selling points to see which your audience will respond to the best.

You can compete with the big advertisers as long as you focus on all the details of a well-optimized ad campaign. If you are lazy, and not willing to do things right, it doesn’t matter the size your competitors are going to trounce you.

What is AdWords Quality Score and Why Does it…

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