Google AdWords account suspended

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I haven’t heard of that specific policy violation before.

Are you sure that “unsolicited promotions” is the precise policy violation cited?

I have heard of “Unavailable promotions”, “Misleading or unrealistic promotions”, and
“Untrustworthy promotions”
, but never “unsolicited promotions”. If I were you, I would double-check the policy violation to find the specific policy that was violated and see if you can fix the cause for the suspension. As long as it was not what Google considers an especially egregious violation you should have no trouble getting the suspensions lifted.

Google will always re-activate suspended accounts whenever you request the account suspension to be lifted, provided that you have fixed the original cause of the suspension, explained what you did to correct it, and your website is compliant with all other policies, and you haven’t committed what Google considers an especially egregious violation.

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