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You must know very little about Google AdWords and even less about statistical analysis.

You refer to “keywords” and not “search terms”. You may be focused on the wrong reporting dimension. In AdWords “keywords” are used to target “search terms”, it is the search term metrics that tell the true story, not the targeting mechanism (keywords). It was not evident in your post that you understood the difference between a keyword and a search term.

Different search terms will have totally different audiences, often with very different search intentions. The data you referenced seems to reinforce that point. You weren’t comparing apples to apples, more like apples to oranges. looks like a classic failure to control the variables of your experiment.

You make a vague reference to Google “given access to companies in the background who are running algorithms”. Duh… Of course, they have. That is the whole point of the AdWords platform. It doesn’t have any purpose outside of that function. It is a self-serve, real-time, auction-based advertising platform that companies use to advertise their products and services, using any algorithm they choose as part of their marketing strategy.

Congratulations, you have discovered AdWords and it’s intended purpose, just like millions of others before you. Welcome to the party. 

Now, if we can just teach you how to perform statistically valid data analysis you just might be able to succeed in the intensely competitive AdWords advertising platform. Example, you included much too little data to be considered statistically valid. The results have a high probability of being completely random with such a small data sample. To draw any conclusions from that small of a data sample shows a total disregard for valid methods of analysis.

I realize that this forum has a lot of members that are trying to learn how to become a marketer, though most fail to even grasp the basic definition of marketing. There’s a difference between marketing and selling.

While selling and marketing work together to deliver results, each has a different central objective. The primary objective of selling is to get a sale. The central objectives of marketing are to improve the scale and efficiency of acquiring customers. 

Algorithms are nothing but rules that are created by humans. If a human can understand how to discern something then they can create an algorithm based on that understanding. This is a central concept in everything Google has done. 

AdWords isn’t fake, it’s as real as it gets.

I think you need to spend a little more time learning about how the AdWords platform works, and how to perform valid statistical analysis before jumping to any conclusions about what is actually happening in your ad campaigns. You seem to have a few misconceptions. 

Feel free to start asking questions and learning from the more experienced members here. Many are willing to help and have invested the time to learn the platform. We can demystify the platform and help bring some clarity to your understanding of how it works, provided you can invest the time and keep an open mind to learn.

Google does not set the prices on their ad platform. AdWords is a competitive auction. Your competitors set the prices you pay, it is a very dynamic marketplace that is influenced by many competing market forces. The whole premise for your discussion is based on a misunderstanding of How the AdWords auction actually works

Instead of trying to learn how the AdWords works, it appears that you have set a course to discredit the platform, by making false accusations and spreading innuendo. If you want your campaign of misinformation to be effective you should first learn a bit more about how the AdWords platform actually works, then you can speak with a bit more credibility. I’m pretty sure that few people are going to buy into the silly notion that because you once met some people, who “claimed” to have been offered a job by Google, that you have somehow through the process of osmosis become an AdWords savant.

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