Google Rankings All Screwed Up

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It seems many folks posting to this thread are trying to redefine the meaning of the term “Google Dance”.

It was originally coined to describe the massive shift in Google rankings after a major algorithm update. It is now typically used to describe any shift in rankings triggered by changes made internally at Google datacenters (anything from algorithm changes to data refreshes). The normal algorithm ranking shifts are not a “Google Dance”.

Many of you guys seem to be using the term anytime you don’t find yourself ranking where you want. That, in my opinion, reduces the term to no useful meaning at all. If you want to learn and discuss SEO, please learn the proper terminology, or at least stop pretending you have a clue of what you are writing about. 


What you described in your OP seems to be absolutely nothing but evidence that your competitors outrank you. It has nothing to do with the “Google Dance”, and everything to do with competing pages having higher relevancy scores than your page. There is no mystery here.

You need to start learning how Google scores pages for relevancy and stop looking elsewhere for excuses as to why you aren’t ranking where you want.

No one here can give you specific information about your ranking issues without having more specific details about the URL you are trying to rank, and the keywords you are targeting. I can understand if you don’t want to share that information, but don’t look for anything except general advice if you are unwilling to share specific information.

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