Google starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal

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I have used HTTPS only where needed, for example on the checkout process, or on pages with forms where users submit sensitive information. I, like most eCommerce store operators, have spent a lot of time insuring that the protocol gets used only on pages that fit that criterion, as it will have a significant effect on server load if used for all pages where encryption isn’t necessary.

Google’s new policy seems to be at odds with its earlier policy of optimizing page load speed. Now, we have to slow all of our pages down with unnecessary encryption of pages without sensitive data being transferred.

I realize this is a response to the NSA snooping scandal, but I can’t help but think that Google is exploiting the opportunity to expand its mission to act as an identity service. We must now verify our identity through a trusted 3rd party, or else get ignored in search results. It seems a bit heavy-handed. It will help protect people’s privacy from everyone, except Google, who will have even more data about their users than ever before.

That really bothers me because the top managers of Google’s business have made it clear they are BIG supporters of all-powerful big government as God. Statism has always led to massive abuse of power, and the mass murder of citizens by their government. Not saying this is going to happen, just that it has always happened in the past, and I have no reason to think the same path will lead to a different result, isn’t that the very definition of insanity?

Anyway, the point is that the ramifications are huge, both in the scale and scope. This will cost website operators significant resources in both time and money, and while it may enhance privacy for some, at what price? Is it worth it? Is it wise to continue to consolidate power under a single entity? Just asking. 

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