Help! 1450 Facebooks fans but NO sales

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Your post did not give us much to go on.

For example, what is the source of your fan base? Are they fans of your products? Did they become fans after making a purchase? Did they find your Facebook page by following a link from your website? Or, was there some sort of promotion you did to get that fan base?

The source of your fan base makes a huge difference in whether your fan base will have any commercial value, or not.

What sort of offer do you have on your Facebook page? Is it clear? That might seem like a silly question to ask, but lack of clarity seems to be one of the more common issues I see with people trying to learn how to market online.

Find 3 people, that have to no idea what you are selling, to look at your page for exactly 10 seconds, then look away, then ask if they can tell you what your page is about, just from that 10-second look. If no one describes what you are selling as the primary objective of the page then you probably have a clarity problem.

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