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I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with AdWords banning you. To fully realize what you are up against you should understand that they have not banned your “account”. Google does not ban accounts, they suspend them. If you are banned, it is not the “account” that is banned, it is “you” personally, as an individual that has been banned. That means that you can never do business with AdWords under your current identity.

Google realizes that the first thing many banned individuals will attempt is to open a new account under a new name, they are expecting this and they will make every effort to detect just such an act. There is no way that you will get away with it unless you completely abandon your previous identity, and any link from your new identity to the old will trigger an automatic suspension of your new account.

Google is in the identity business, they are very good at it so if you ever hope to do business again with AdWords, you must completely repent and kill off your old identity and everything associated with your old identity. That means getting rid of computers, hosting, ISP, bank accounts, credit cards, or anything else that could ever be linked to your old identity.

You need to realize that your identity is now toxic to anyone who even allows you to borrow their computer. Simply borrowing a computer from a friend to login to one of your old accounts could result in your friend being linked, and barred permanently from AdWords as well.

Google takes this issue seriously and you going down the exact path they expect a banned individual to take and they will be waiting for you there, at the end of the path, with a fresh banning. I have seen this same story play out for a number of individuals. I just thought you should know what you are up against.

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