HELP – Too many keywords

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30 keywords within a single ad group are too many. You need to get more granular in your account structure. split those keywords up smaller, more tightly focused ad groups. Then write ads for the specific keywords within each ad group. Make sure that you use the keywords within each ad group as part of the ad text for each ad.

Write 2-4 unique text ads per ad group, using a distinctly different selling point for each text ad. This will allow you to split test various selling points to see which your audience finds most compelling.

Create ad extensions for all of your ad groups, including location, phone, site links, and callout extensions. Use those callout extensions to test even more selling points.

Monitor your Quality Scores, as they will tell you how well your ads are doing compared to the competitors’ ads. Keep iterating improvements on your text ads until you see high CTR and high-quality scores. That will reduce your cost a bit, or allow you to bid more aggressively and remain profitable.

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