How ‘ACCURATE” is the Google keyword tool?

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[I was just doing some research and found a keyword (that doesn’t quite make sense) with HIGH VOLUME of searches monthly. I wonder how accurate the information is.]

The Google Adwords Tool doesn’t provide estimates it shows actual data. It isn’t 100% accurate because it rounds off the numbers. With the exception of the rounding, it is as accurate as it gets. Now there are a lot of people who don’t understand how the tool works, or what the data source is, but that is user error, not a fault of the tool.

I believe those that asserted that it is a “general estimation” have no idea what they are talking about. 

 It’s real data, it very accurate, just make sure you understand how to use the tool and what data is being displayed with the different settings.

While there are certain types of keywords, branded keywords in particular, that you might get that percentage of click-throughs, don’t count on it, the average CTR for generic keywords tends to be less than 20% for the #1 position in the SERP.

those stats you refer to are not “search results”, they are search queries.

And yes, people usually have the “intention of clicking”, however, they often do not click. When someone searches and they don’t get results in line with their intentions they usually refine their search by modifying the search terms. Therefore, not every search generates a click. Statistically, the average is less than 60% CTR and then those clicks are divided among all of the available results, including organic, sponsored, local, news, video and related terms.

Generic search terms rarely generate higher than 20% CTR for a single individual listing. That is no theory, it is a statistical fact based on empirical evidence.

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