How do you guys promote Web design offers on Facebook?

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How you are doing, really depends upon how you are performing against your personal and specific goals for your campaign. I saw nothing in your post that revealed your goals, nor how close you were to achieving success in relation to those goals.

The only metric you provided was a CTR. Was your goal to merely reach a specific CTR? Or, was it to achieve some sort of marketing success? The first step to managing a successful campaign is to define your goal for the campaign, then determine the correct metrics to measure the performance that will achieve that goal, These are what we call KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

I typically create a dashboard that displays KPIs for the campaign, set specific, time-bound, measurable objectives, also known as “goals”. By comparing my actual performance to my goals I have a good indication of how I am doing.

Now, “how we reach those goals” is a very in-depth discussion, which we can discuss if you need help in that area, but first, please share your goals for this campaign, define the metrics to measure the achievement of your goals, and share that information and we can give you an answer to your question.

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