How do you know if an Adwords campaign is successful?

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Based on the way you asked this question in such a general way, I would say that you need to abandon marketing altogether, or at least until you can learn more about how to approach marketing on the Internet. 

Campaigns are organized around a product/service, idea or marketplace. The only time you need to abandon a campaign is when you are abandoning the product, idea or marketplace.

The key advantage of PPC marketing is in the granularity that is possible and the speed in which you obtain results from your tests. You need to be looking at specific keywords, bids, ad text, and landing pages and deciding which ad groups are working and which are not. When you manage your campaigns at this more granular level you will have little need to make decisions about the campaign as a whole. Provided you are managing your specific ad groups, successful campaigns will be the only ones that are producing impressions.

If you can not manage at this more granular level, you need to abandon the whole idea of marketing. Get out before you waste your money, get help from a professional or get busy learning how to manage at a more granular level.

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