How important is SEO Hosting?

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[How much does SEO Hosting contribute to a website’s ranking? Is it overrated? Do you recommend using SEO Hosting?]

SEO hosting should be referred to as scammer hosting. There is no SEO benefit, though it might help a scammer isolate his websites by having them on different IP addresses. That way when one website is recognized as a dubious operation it isn’t as easy to connect it to the other websites on different IP addresses.

Your IP address plays no role in search engine rankings. That is just a myth promulgated by hosting companies that want to sell you a more expensive package.

A completely unbiased opinion I’m sure. It’s not like you make money or something from selling IP hosting… oh.. wait… Now I see why you are so passionate about your position, your signature gave it away. 

I’m glad to see that at least one hosting company is providing diverse IPs without charging more. That is what you are implying, that you provide multiple IPs without charging more, right?

Using multiple IP addresses will not change the value of your links. Nor will it hide the fact that all of your websites are part of a network own by a single entity.

Discovering how web documents are connected is at the center of Google’s core competency, they call it a link graph. They are the world’s best at mapping links and that is precisely what led them to build their search engine. In other words, they were experts at detecting linked networks before they built Backrug, the prototype for what eventually became Google.

To think that using “separate IPs, private whois, and only use the sites that have never had AdSense on it” will somehow hide your network is almost laughable. They were good at doing that well before they launch Google. Any successful attempt to hide your network from Google would have to avoid cross-linking your pages.

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