How in the Hell is this site ranking for this KW?

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This is just one of the millions of examples that demonstrate that Google does not rank pages based on the number of backlinks, PageRank, amount of content on the page or any kind of subjective judgment of the “quality” of the content.

Google simply ranks pages based on a relevancy score.

It seems that you assume that Google is not able to recognize that FFL is a commonly used abbreviation for the term: Federal-Firearm License. Actually they do recognize this abbreviation and you can easily confirm this by observing the keyword terms that are automatically made bold on the SERP.

Since Google recognizes this common abbreviation they clearly see this keyword included both in the title and the URL, so your assumptions regarding this aspect of SEO were wrong. Again, you can confirm this by observing which terms are made bold on the SERP.

Additionally, you seem to be thinking of relevancy as an absolute and exclusive value. Google clearly treats relevancy as a relativistic value. This means a single term may have a degree of ambiguity and be relevant to multiple topics, i.e. “apple” is relevant for the fruit, the computer, the music company, pies, recipes, etc. and Google has no difficulty recognizing this as demonstrated by their SERP.

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