How much to pay for PR4 – PR7 link?

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[1) How much are PR4 to PR7 links worth these days? How much should I expect to pay? Is there a big difference between related and unrelated links? May I end up in trouble when buying from FFA sites (free for all, as long as you pay for a link)? 2) Would you even consider buying from sites that have gained PR via 1px linked images with unrelated text in alt tags? No anchor text links at all. Example: Say the seller’s site is linked from another website which is all about tractors, it’s linked through an image with alt text “honey bees”. The title and h1 tags of sellers’ sites are “Weather in Alaska”. To make the matters worse, say this site has already sold links to different sites with the following anchor text “life insurance”, “milk shakers” and “toothpaste”. I think Google will look at the site and think like WTF should I rank this website for? So if my site is about purebred cats, should I buy a link from that website, even if it’s just $1 for PR5. I’d like to hear from people that do this successfully no matter what I or any other white hat experts say, as well as from people that have got banned by doing this.]

Two-thirds of the value from a decent link will come from direct link traffic. For this reason, the more targeted the traffic the more valuable, assuming that traffic is relevant to your niche.

I realize some folks base their pricing on PR, I just ignore the PR and look at the traffic to decide if it is worthwhile.

I fail to see how my comment is “totally false” when for my campaigns, it is totally true. As I said in my post, I don’t buy links purely for PR, I buy them for traffic.

Not everybody is out to screw over their clients, some of us are actually helping clients get the most for their money, not the least. I realize that some folks are working as so-called “professional SEO” and they are focused solely on search engine ranking position, however, the clients care more about increasing the overall sales and profits. I was speaking from the client’s perspective, not the perspective of an SEO agent who doesn’t give a rat an** about his client’s success. 

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