How to know whether it’s the keywords, the Ad or the LP that has to be tweaked?

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The answer is easy, test multiple ads, using multiple value propositions. A value proposition is a copy that answers the question “why should I buy from your site?”

At first, you might not be good at writing effective ads, so if needed, copy the value propositions from the top competitors’ ads and include one or two of those in the ad group as a baseline for testing your own ads against. 

A big part of optimization begins before you even write the first ad, it starts with value proposition research. Study your own unique value propositions, study your target audience’s comments, reviews and online discussions, and study your competitors ads and websites to identify the most compelling value propositions and utilize those in ad copy of at least 2 or more distinctly different ads, each using different selling points, for each of your ad groups. 

The idea is to split test the best candidates with traffic from the same source, using the same keywords/search terms, to see which distinctly different ad message your target audience finds the most compelling. Make the winner of each of your tests the new baseline and test any other good value proposition candidates until you are sure you have found the most effective value proposition (selling points) for you ads.

The same principle applies to your landing page’s sales copy. The intent of the user that searched a particular search term must be aligned with the message of your ad, and the landing page needs to share that same consistent message to achieve the highest level of message match. When they are all synchronized you tend to get the maximum effectiveness.

So keep your ad group keyword list tightly focused on a single intent, craft an ad text message that perfectly aligns with that intent, and makes sure the same messages is carried through onto the landing page. 

Split test various value propositions to find the most effective, and always use the most specific and relevant keywords, avoid overly general or ambiguous search terms, they are almost never effective.

Value Proposition: 3 steps for laying your value prop testing groundwork | MarketingExperiments Blog: Research-driven optimization, testing, and marketing ideas

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