How to retain and manage the current ranking?

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[I got a new client whose website is on top 5 for more than 16 Keywords in the UK region. His Previous SEO company had some problems with him so they quit the project. Now I have to manage this project but do not know what the previous SEO Guys were doing ? and I have to maintain the current rankings.]

Fortunately for you, rankings aren’t based on backlink counts. Backlinks are important, but not all backlinks are equal in ranking power. You do not need to equal your competitor’s backlink count, however, you do need to equal or beat them in backlink strength. Just one high PR backlink can be worth more than 10,000 low PR backlinks.

Analyze your competitor’s backlinks to find which keywords they are optimizing for in their anchor text and look for the best keywords that they have the least keyword targeting for in anchor text value. Typically you will find optimization for several keywords with a heavy weighting on one particular keyword. Exploit their weakest keywords first.

I would recommend that you analyze your industry niche, find and list every popular blog in your industry. Create a blog or two for your client and start posting interesting and useful content, and where appropriate write complementary posts about the articles posted by those top bloggers. Link back to their articles and send them an email letting them know that you blogged about and linked to their article.

Build a relationship with those bloggers and offer to write for guest posts for their blog. If you earn a reputation in your industry you can build authority faster.

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